About us 


“A weather - smart nation.”

The vision has been reviewed to be simpler and to articulate clearly the desired end state. In this case, the organisation wants to achieve an end-state where citizens, communities and business sectors are weather resilient because they are able to use the information, products and services provided by the South African Weather Service optimally.   


SAWS will realise the above-mentioned vision through excelling in the following areas:

  • Thought leadership in meteorological, climatological and other related sciences;
  • The development of relevant and innovative applications and products utilising cutting-edge technology; and
  • Establishing and leveraging collaborative partnerships.


Based on the requirements of the mandate, the aspiration in the vision and the mission, SAWS is guided by and committed to the following set of values:
Thought Leadership: A commitment to scientific excellence and innovation, always striving for knowledge leadership in our field of expertise. 
Professionalism: Self-control and behaviour that is aligned to best business practices, and displays a high standard of excellence in the job.
Integrity: A consistent sense of honesty, truthfulness and trust in one’s own actions, while valuing others opinions and beliefs.
Caring: A commitment to create a supportive environment that promotes compassion and understanding, both internally and externally.
Accountability: A commitment to take responsibility for things expected from the position and/or role occupied - responsible for own actions.
Recognition of Excellence: A willingness to identify, recognise and acknowledge individuals and teams who demonstrate outstanding performance.
Teamwork: A willingness to work together towards achieving a common goal by making use of and / or appreciating individuals’ diverse strengths and abilities.



The South African Weather Service (SAWS) is a provider of useful and innovative weather, climate, and related products and services. In line with the organisation’s philosophy and ethos, SAWS has implemented a Total Quality Management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008. It seeks to ensure that both its products and services meet stakeholder requirements and are fit for use.

The management and staff of SAWS are committed to the vision, mission and values of the organisation and actively contribute to and support all initiatives aimed at achieving organisational goals and objectives.

This will be achieved through the:

  • Setting of Quality Objectives and reviewing them periodically in order to improve operational efficiency, the quality of products and services and maintaining good corporate governance.
  • Development of products and services that meet, and where possible, exceed client expectations.
  • Adequate planning and the provision of resources needed for operations, implementing and supporting continuous improvement initiatives.
  • Communication of this Quality Policy Statement to all employees and stakeholders.
  • Reviewing of our Quality Management Policy and our Quality Policy Statement to ensure its ongoing suitability.