Warning Reports


 1.       Severe weather is an extreme meteorological event or phenomenon, which represents a real hazard to human life and property and has the potential to cause damage, serious social disruption, or loss of human life.

2.       Special Weather Advisory: an alert raising awareness up to 5 days in advance to either expected large scale potential disruptive weather systems that could later lead to specific watches/warnings with time, or to less urgent alerts of uncommon conditions.

3.       Severe Weather Watch:  an alert calling for preparedness to weather hazards that most likely will occur within 1 to 3 days and that could lead to disruptive and disastrous conditions.

4.       Severe Weather Warning: an alert calling for reaction due to a very high certainty of a severe weather hazard that is already occurringor imminent within 24 hours and that could lead to disruptive and disastrous conditions.

Severe Weather Watches/ Warnings

(Watch: Amber - be prepared)(Warning: Red - Take action)

1-3 days in advance, Could be the consequences of Intense large weather systems

 1. Disruptive Snowfalls

 2. Heavy Rain

 3. Flash Flooding

   ?      Heavy Rain leading to Flash flooding (non thunder storm)

   ?      Localised Flooding (non thunder storm)                       .

 4. Severe Thunderstorms

   ?      Hail, gusts, tornadoes, local flooding

 5. Sea State (High swell > 6 m)

 6. Strong winds (Gale force)

 7. Veld fire conditions (in collaboration with Forestry)

Special Weather Advisories 

(Advisory: Yellow - Be aware)

(Up to 5 days in advance, do NOT escalate to warnings as such)

  ·         Intense large weather systems (whose consequences could lead to warnings later):

  1.    Tropical cyclones, Tropical depressions, Intense Cold fronts, Cut-off  lows

  ·         Less urgent types of alert:

  1. Extremely hot conditions
  2.  High Discomfort values
  3. Heat waves
  4. Strong interior winds
  5. Reduced visibility
  6. Widespread or coastal FOG
  7. Frost (uncommon or first)